Best Animated Outdoor Christmas Decorations

These Animated Outdoor Christmas Decorations aren’t as simple as the ones from years ago. They are livelier, brighter and indeed Animated Christmas Outdoor Decorationsthey are built to last for many Christmas celebrations to come.

These wonderful animated decorations will lep you to turn yard and home into a magical place of wonder and awe. Not only will they delight your family but the animated display is going to give real pleasure to anyone passing in front of your home.

One thing to be aware of thought when it comes to buying decorations: the animated yard decorations are always amongst the first one to sell out because so many people start with their yards when it comes to putting up their holiday decorations.

You will find that the best animated outdoor Christmas decorations will have often disappeared long before the big day arrives, so don’t put off buying the decorations that you really want. Once they sell out you will find that many retailers don’t restock. Even online stores run out of Christmas decorations if they’re a hot item, so go ahead and order yours.

What kinds of animated decorations can you find? You can find favorite childhood fairytale characters riding in sleds, on trains or waving as a standalone figure. There are animated angels, ice skating penguins and nutcrackers marching all in a row.

You can find groups of dear or large teddy bears just waiting to come to life at Christmas. One of the faster selling animated yard decorations still remains the large snow globes filled with various scenes. In some snow globes, you’ll find multi colored presents and animated figures spinning in circles. Some have Disney characters standing beneath falling snow.

Best of all, with animated Christmas decorations, you don’t have to start big. You can start small and build your collection of animated pieces. Many people assume that it takes more time to set up animated Christmas decorations than putting up regular yard ornaments but nothing could be further from the truth.

Animated decorations are as easy and sometimes even easier than setting up any other kind of display. Many of these decorations are also adaptable to music displays. Imagine the wonder on the kids’ faces as they see the toy soldiers marching in line to Christmas music or when they see Santa’s sleigh up on the rooftop as it takes off and lands. There’s a good reason animated Christmas decorations routinely outsell other decorations – the motion and the magic together make the displays truly memorable.

My Favorite Animated Outdoor Christmas Decoration

This adorable rocking horse will light up any front yard. It brings back special memories for older generations of Christmas past and it gives children another fun thing to add to their Christmas wish list.




There’s nothing like Christmas decorations to bring life to your plain Jane yard. They’re colorful, animated and so much fun to look at. In addition to Christmas lights this year consider adding animated Christmas yard decorations to the front of your house. Friends and neighbors will enjoy them just as much as your family.

So take a look at some of the great options available below:

Hop on this bright and colorful locomotive filled with gifts and conducted by the big man himself, Santa Claus. This beautiful Christmas yard art features a four piece construction which includes the train engine and 3 caboose cars.  All the parts are made from solid metal frame and are pre-lit with 600 multi colored mini lights which can be set to three different light speeds; chasing, steady or slow. Spare bulbs and ground stakes are included with the set. When fully assembled the train measures 8 ½ feet long.




Snow globes are so fun to watch, especially when they are 5 feet tall. This oversized snow globe features Santa and Frosty in a midst of a snowy Christmas scene. The globe includes fake snow that blows around like a blizzard when plugged in. It also lights up and has a Christmas tree on the top. The self inflating display only takes seconds to set up and is made with durable weatherproof nylon for long lasting use. A tether, ground stakes, and an extra light bulb are also included.



Who doesn’t love Snoopy and Peanut? They are one of the best pet duos ever created and they%u2019re so adorable. This inflatable Christmas yard decoration features Snoopy lying on his stomach on top of a mailbox which if decked out in Christmas lights. Peanut sits on the open lid of the mailbox, as if he’s waiting for the mail. This display measures 32 inches tall and has a three dimensional design that lights up with 105 built in white lights.

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Santa is going a little high tech this year and instead of delivering your gifts via reindeer drawn sleigh and elves, he%u2019s commissioned Frosty and a helicopter to get the job done. This air blown display inflates in just seconds and features two whirling rotors as well as internal lights which create an amazing display during the day as well as night. It measures 5 feet tall and is made from weather resistant material.





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