Secret Santa Gifts for Women

Are you looking for Secret Santa Gifts for Women and are not sure what to get?  Let us help you with some great gifts for women Secret Santa Gifts for Womenideas that won’t break the bank!

Secret Santa is a great holiday tradition that puts a spin on gift giving. Whether you’re exchanging gifts with friends, family members, or coworkers, doing so with Secret Santa can make it more fun and add a bit of a challenge to the exchange. Find out more about how Secret Santa is done and check out a few great ideas for Secret Santa gifts for women, below!

How It’s Done

The idea is simple. Gather the group of people who will be participating. Write down each person’s name and toss them all into a bowl, folded up to prevent sneaking a peek at the names. Each person chooses a name, doesn’t share whose name they’ve picked, and purchases a gift for that person. Get the group back together for a holiday party where the gifts can be exchanged. After opening gifts, each person should take a guess at who picked their name!

Things to Keep in Mind

Before exchanging names, get your group together to go over a few things. First, be sure that everyone taking part will be able to be present for the holiday party when you’ll be exchanging gifts. It’s never fun to have someone get left out of the fun if their Secret Santa can’t make it to the party. Second, choose a spending limit. For example, agree that everyone should spend between $20 – $40 on their gift. Finally, agree to keep names a secret! Guessing who chose whose name is half the fun of the party!

Secret Santa Gifts for Women: The Working Woman

Did you choose the name of a friend or coworker who loves her job? Look for gifts that will help her to stay organized and multitask like a pro. Christmas is a great time to give a planner for the upcoming year. Choose a design that she’ll love and will be able to use for organizing meetings and appointments.

Secret Santa Gifts for Women: The Fitness Fiend

She wouldn’t miss her weekly Zumba class for the world. If you’re shopping for the fitness fiend, look for things that she can use for her workouts. A new water bottle, hair ties or headbands, and a workout tank top can come together to make a great gift that she’ll be sure to get a lot of use out of.

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Secret Santa Gifts for Women: The Girly Girl

This friend loves all things pretty. Give her a gift that will allow her to try out some new beauty products. Look for gift sets and miniature versions of high end products. These sets will let your fashionista friend try colors, styles, and products that she may not have chosen for herself.

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Secret Santa Gifts for Women: When to Choose Gift Cards

If you’re feeling stumped about what gift to give, gift cards can be a great option. Gift cards have a bad reputation as being impersonal, but with a quick upgrade they can be the perfect answer to gift giving. The trick to giving gift cards is to offer something physical to be opened as well. For example, give a Starbucks card and put it inside of a cute coffee mug along with a bag of chocolate covered coffee beans. A gift card for a nail salon can be attached to a bottle of nail polish and a file. Get creative and make it fun!

Which of these Secret Santa Gifts for Women are your favorites?


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