Sentimental Christmas Gifts

There are some gifts that people really appreciate more than others and not because of how much the gift cost or it’s a certain brand Sentimental Christmas Giftsname, but because it represents a sentiment that’s more valuable than money or labels put together. These types of Christmas gifts are what stand out the most for people who receive them. They’re unique, meaningful, and really show that you’ve put a lot of thought into picking them out.

Below are some sentimental Christmas gifts that are great for giving to your loved ones and the special people in your life during the holiday season.

Friendship is a Sheltering Tree Pewter Treasure Box

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give a friend who’s been by your side since the first day of school or who’s never left your side even after all the crazy things you’ve done, then this treasure box is just what you want. It’s the perfect symbolism of a friendship that’s been supportive, protective and caring. The treasure box is handcrafted from fine pewter and measures 2 ¼ by 2 ¼ inches. On the cover you’ll find a beautifully intricate design of a tree and inside an engraving that says, “Friendship is a sheltering tree.” The box can be used for special treasures such as jewelry, memorable souvenirs and other trinkets.

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Pavilion Gift Company Comfort Candles Candle Holder

Sometimes Christmas shopping for a family can be a bit of a challenge because you’re trying to find a gift that’ll signify each and every member of the family. The tea light candle holder has just the message you’d want to relay to any family, including your own. It features a round terra cotta candle holder with a copper lid and written on its surface is, “The love in our Family flows strong and deep, leaving us memories to treasure and keep.” What a great gift to brighten up any home and warm the hearts of family members.

DMM Expressively Yours Bracelet – Peace, Hope, Serenity

This year give a gift that’ll not only look good as an accessory, but also offers its wearer a daily reminder to continually have peace, hope and serenity. Expressively Yours Bracelets makes wonderful gifts no matter what the occasion is. This particular one features pearl like beading, silver-plated charms with the words “Peace”, “Hope” and “Serenity”, crystal accents and a heart pendant which are all inspirational elements. The bracelet already comes packaged in a stunning gift box, complete with a ribbon and an encouraging message relating to the bracelet printed inside.

Pine Tree Photo Album

Nothing is more sentimental that photographs, especially those taken during special family gatherings and holiday celebrations. This charming photo album will provide all those wonderful memories, that’s been captured by the camera, a wonderful home. The rustic album is hand carved from real wood and measures 8 by 6 ¼ inches. A pine tree is carved out of the front cover and painted green making it appear like a Christmas tree. Display up to 36 photos of your fondest holiday memories in the album to share with family and friends.

Remembrance Ornament “In Our Hearts at Christmas”

Keep the memories of loved ones past alive and let them be a part of your holiday celebrations with this remembrance ornament. This ornament is a great gift for those who’ve recently lost a member of their family or someone near and dear to them. It features angel wings surrounding a heart that’s encircling a Christmas tree pendant. The Christmas tree is engraved with “In Our Hearts at Christmas”. The ornament measures 3 ½ inches tall and 3 inches wide and is accompanied by a special poem that’s printed on the gift box.

Which of these sentimental Christmas Gift Ideas are your favorites?


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